IntelligenceStone has 3 levels of technical skill. Mastery, Author, and Law.

IntelligenceStone is the energy responsible for all natural law in Metaversal Reality.

The use of it is akin to programming a computer. It allows you to manipulate all maths and sciences as if you were manipulating C++ Code.

Avatars of IntelligenceStone are Guardians of Natural Law, and they are the ones who enforce it.

The ones who seek to break Natural Law are from Wind Walker’s Empire of Akashmiran. Akashmirai People are Wizards, Pirates, Hackers, and Rebels.

WaterStone is the Direct Opposition to IntelligenceStone, and those two forces undermine each other.

If you had 2 Avatars in a room together of opposing Stones, they would be honorbound to fight to the death.


So, yeah. This page is just for Worldbuilding for my Fictional World of The Metaverse. Get used to it. There will be a lot more of these over a very long period of time. -MBC



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