13 AI Universities(The Infinite Machine)

Let’s turn your learning dial up to 11…

I thought of an interesting way to run a school. Have a large complex that could hold enough rooms for basically the Pentagon, but have 1 class. 30 students, entering the school as toddlers. The entire complex is automated with pleasant looking padded, rounded robotic arms. and an OS that works the entire building like the movie 13 Ghosts, but for teaching maturity,life lessons, and an education that will not rest until the child is doing Post-Doctoral work.

From the time they can walk and speak, they are on an adventure that will not stop until they are 40 and fully matured PostHumans that are, each one of them, more dangerous and effective than any single nation of any size. Enough stumbling through life. Treat a Human like a resource, and refine the Trim into RSO.

Not even a 30 year old Grad Student is fully mature. I heard from a good friend that we don’t peak mentally until age 70.

The only humans these kids would see before graduating from the building and going out into the world at 40, would be each other. They would have a society with factions and guilds that operate naturally with social psychology. They teach, challenge, and refine each other, simply from the adventure of daily life, while playing the game adventure in which the whole AI Automated Complex is playing the Dungeon Master.

Of course, one big argument against this would be that the parents would not be with thier children as they grow up. Incorrect. The parents would be very involved, but it would be like The Truman Show. They would be guided by an on site Child Psychologist, and then a Psychologist after age 18, to influence their children with everything they would have taught them in a normal child raising situation. This whole aesthethic would be made possible by exponentially increasing the human lifespan. Transhumanism Applied.

You start your real relationship with your parents at age 40, and the child is more mature than his/her parents. How delightful.



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