I have the power.

I want to connect the concept of Worldbuilding(Fiction Writing Technique) to a Theoretical Level 4 Human Consciousness(Reptile Self, Mammal Self, Cerebral Self, [?] Self, and Combined Self as all 4 in Emergent Concert with each other, as we currently do with our 3 Layers/Selves).

I’m inspired by this song. It guided me toward what I just wrote.

One thing I would connect those 2 concepts with is this notion. Let’s say you want to cast a bolt of lightning from your hand, or throw a fireball, as seen in many fantasy movies. This is fantasy, and not reality, but why? We know the science of how a lightning bolt works, and fire science is a whole subject entirely. But, what you want has no basis in science. However, if you are able to build conditions and rules around what you want to make, such as a fireball, then you need not obey the default natural law. You can create tension, release, pressure, force, direction, misdirection, chaos, order, all within the bounds of your creativity and imagination. That reminds me of worldbuilding as far as authoring a fantasy novel. You see a movie, and want Magic, but you just have a hazy idea of a want with no clear definition.


I think we can have that, if a 4th Layer/Stage were introduced. What I want that 4th one to be is Quantum Transubstantiation of a Complete Human Person. Physical Control of Self in Body and the Environment Surrounding the Body. One thing that makes me think we can do this is Quantum Superposition. When you are not looking at the apple on the table, it is Omnipresent, existing everywhere at once, until you Observe the apple by looking at it. Now the Apple has collapsed into one. You cannot do this without an Observer. If you were able to redirect that power back onto yourself, in a Loop of Consciousnesses provided by a 4th Brain Stage, then you would be able to, at will, become Omnipresent, and Collapse back into one person, physically. What if you could alter the location of where you ended up, as you collapsed back? Distance would be meaningless, and you could blink yourself anywhere in the Universe in an instant. Rewriting Natural Law seems like a Skillset within the abilities of such a person.


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