A poetic way of looking at a Strange Loop

Loporian Loop Everlasting Spin and Shine

I have a new understanding of Consciousness thanks to Dr. Kaku’s Theory. However, I would have a personal definition as a quantification of one’s most core being and self as something volatile, like data loaded in RAM. My “Self” only has a shelf-life of One Day, and then when I sleep, I become a thing that is no longer greater than the sum of it’s parts, like all of those parts were slices of pizza, and all the slices are taken at once. But when those parts connect again, and the tips of of all those pizza slices connect, I have seen a “ * “ where all the seams join in the center with a “Fsssk!” sound. It was green. I then become more than the sum of my parts, but, much like The Doctor, I have regenerated into a new person, with full access to the memories of this brain, and all the years of experience. Reborn every single morning, just for one day! I define consciousness as a loop, that operates itself, and upgrades itself. I am me, in perpetuity, and therefore I rise.


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