A response to an irksome character

I can’t believe I’m back already. I was listening to Patricia on Youtube, and there was a point where I had to shut off the video.

I like Social Psychology. It’s amazing that you can turn the tide of public opinion and cause dramatic social change.

But what I gleaned from Patricia’s speech to her classroom was less like Social Psychology and more like Skinner-box level indoctrination of people on a massive and systematic level.

I understand that this is a moral issue, and I’m not advocating Racism.

However, this methodology, used for any reason, is purely Machiavellian.

Also, the fact that you seem to classify white people as alt-right by default, is just as racist as the racism you are fighting with your articles.

No moral authority there. None.

Social Psychology should be applied through the Arts. The Media. Stories. Songs. Fairy Tales. Games.

I have seen multiple examples of this in Popular Media, many of them so subtle that I’d be amazed if they didn’t cause massive change by influencing the subconcious minds of the viewers.

Patricia’s mentality paints a colorful picture in my head.

A dentist’s office. A dentist with a drill bearing down on a frightened man who is bound to the chair.

“Is it safe?”


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