A response to another Feminist

There’s a slight problem with your logic. It lacks perspective. It’s easy for a woman to not be attracted to women and think of them all as The Rock. However, I do wonder if the reverse would work. How about an office full of women with the exception being the hottest beefcake in the tri-state area. Now, try thinking of him as Shakira.

Wow, he’s really good at swerving dem hips! You may have some self-discipline, but it’s a finite amount, and when it runs out, and you slap his cute butt, even in jest, BOOM. Fired. Yer also now a registered sex offender and can no longer get a job in your chosen field, or any field that doesn’t involve slinging fries. I’ve heard the story a thousand times.

  1. You are delusional.
  2. Women like you are the reason men are terrified.
  3. Projecting your sexual perspective and feelings on the opposing gender is a double standard where men get punished and women do not.
  4. Women are not a minority group. You outnumber men, last I checked my state and national census numbers.
  5. I think women are the stronger gender, and yelling Patriarchy is a stealthy way of establishing a Matriarchy through emotional manipulation instead of aggression, which resonates with the feminine dynamic for gaining power. Since this does not come naturally to men, who can’t fight this with aggression, we are powerless to defend ourselves.

So, no, I’m not imagining The Rock. I’m quitting the given office job and moving to new area with a different company, and telling no-one where I’m going.

I’m not about to have my life destroyed because western women don’t understand biology and offending one of them might as well be a felony.


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