A response to another Weirdo

People like us need to guide the technology as responsible developers so we avoid the Dystopia in much the same way that you need to focus and keep your eyes on the road when going 80 on the interstate highway with a car full of chatting relatives. The risk is there, but you need to manage risk to get any kind of equally awesome reward.

One of those rewards will be Transhuman Sex. Regular sex works by 2 people stimulating each other through skin and contact between sexual orgams, which uses the nervous systems of both parties. However, if you could link the 2 lovers by fiber, the feeling would be exponentially deeper and more meaningful. The levels of pleasure would be a lot higher. In fact, we might need brain upgrades just to process the new level of sensation or we would either have heart attacks or overload to the point of passing out.

Also,remember that empathy type gun from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? This would be like that. Feeling the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions in a way that no longer requires the comparitively clunky and clumsy use of written language? Yes, please! True Empathy. Say goodbye to those long, drawn out fights between lovers who “Just don’t get it”!

This is going to be so much fun.


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