A response to Sex Education

I took a couple of things away from this. One would be Sex Education. If you think of K-12 Public Schooling, there is a lesson to be learned from each grade, because the social dynamic changes and evolves as the grade numbers do.

In Kindergarten, the teacher could point out the differences between boys and girls just by how they dress, and simple rules for treating the opposite gender in a civil manner, in a way that could be understood by 5 year olds(I was 5 in Kindergarten. I still heart Mrs. Clark). There is a bit of unfairness in letting these things emerge organically. Only those with Genetic Traits that allow them ease with Socialization will understand how to Socialize with both Genders.

But what I saw, even from that age, was that the boys and girls would only associate with their own gender, and that didn’t stop, it just grew into something Horrific that I don’t think I really noticed until Middle School, when, at dances, there was clear division on the dance floor. Girls clustered on one side of the room, and Boys on the other. Music was playing, but nobody was dancing. They seemed fearful, and I know the reason because you reminded me of it.

No Sex Education, at all. Sex Education doesn’t need to be about Intercourse. To me, it’s generally about the two genders dealing with each other with increasing social experience and potential wisdom. The social dynamic in the 1st grade is different from that of 2nd, and 3rd, all the way up to Senior Year in High School.

I think I was in the 3rd Grade when I noticed that the difference was kind of like the different ages in history. Kindergarten was the Stone Age, and then you had the Bronze Age 1st Graders, and the Iron Age 2nd Graders.

If teenagers in High School statistically lose their virginity at a certain age, then that grade should be the first year of Sex Education as far as Intercourse and many of the points you made in your article. The Girls and Boys will stay in the same room the entire time. What I experienced in High School Sex Education classes was a level of Ludicrous equivalent to 1984 by Orwell, and it did not benefit me at all.

Moving on, the second thing I took away from your article dealt with my own sexual experience.

My first time, I was more interested in her reactions. I had been jacking since I was 12, and I lost my virginity at 23. 11 years of going solo made me think that the Woman was far less conventional.


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