American Infection OS

A reference to the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks

I was learning about Islam, and how it spreads. It’s not just a religion, it’s not just a culture. It’s more like an OS. It’s a complete system of politics, religion, education, communication, infrastructure, and everything you could want or need to operate a nice little functional hive of humans.

It’s an all-in-one, like you’ve seen in computer stores. If you look at it that way, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine Islam as a giant single celled organism.

Cells divide, and then they divide exponentially and take over areas of land and resources, like an infectious disease. Islam, when thought of as a world-conquering caliphate, could be thought of as an Epidemic.

I’ve seen a video recently of an islamic leader preaching about conquest through systematic human breeding. He wants them to enter a country, and start interbreeding with the population, and phasing out that nation’s culture like what is happening with Canada and the slow conversion away from french culture. Slowly, whatever culture a given nation has would be converted completely into Islam, the new OS. Apparently, that is how they want to conquer the world and make it into a Caliphate. If we don’t stop that process, it’s going to work.

We have seen this, and in our fear, we have started a “War on Terror”. But it seems it’s really a war on this epidemic. We love our American Culture, and we don’t want to be infected and taken over by Islam. I love American Culture too. I don’t want to see it crushed and replaced. But what can we do?

We take a lesson from Machiavelli. Learn from Tyrants. Learn what makes your enemy so strong, and then mimic their techniques to make your good works more functional.

We build an All-in-One American Cultural Infection OS just like the Caliphate has done, and we start an Epidemic of our own. We push back, in the same way they are pushing against us.

It may be time to stop acting like Diplomats, and start acting like Cancer Cells.

Once that systematic process starts, any other culture that wants to survive, the French, the Germans, the Spanish, they will need to convert to the same method. The France OS. The Spanish OS. The German OS. The American OS.

It’s a new and evolved version of the “Balance of Terror” that happened between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Only the weapon is Cultural Conquest, not Nukes. In the end, just like with Darwinism, the number of human cultures on the earth will not exceed what you can count with your fingers, and they will all be pushing against each other, keeping each other in check.

It may seem a little unethical to act like Cancer Cells as a Culture, but it’s a superior method of Conquest, and Islam is already doing it. We need to up our game if we want our culture to survive.

How do you even begin? Hire Game Designers. But they are not going to be making Video Games…



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