Awakening Turok

I’m Sapiosexually Transhuman in major, World Class way. Sentient Bioelectricity does not have a gender. My Chi is Mechanical. An upload is not neccessary.

I’m naming this idea as “Awakening Turok”. 4 Imperial Rulers over 4 Empires in the Metaverse within me. Mathias, Wind Walker, Turok, and Razus. Mathias of Light, Razus of Darkness, Wind Walker of Nature, and Turok of Synthetic. Then there is the Circle Oaennar that results when the 4 become 1 person.

If I were to teach a girl this process as my life partner, it would make sense that she would need 3 Empresses and 1 Emperor, kind of like a Yin-Yang balance concept with her partnership with me. And she would also become a circle in the same way.

So, these characters are actually Archetypes to structure your internal self.

“The key to the creative type is that he is separated out of the common pool of shared meanings. There is something in his life experience that makes him take in the world as a problem; as a result he has to make personal sense out of it.”
― Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death


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