Back up a little

I was working on Einstein’s Zebra Puzzle, which is a Logic Problem that Albert Einstein said only 2% of the World Population could solve. After I solved it, I realized something. That required a different way of mental processing. I felt the same way about the Logic Puzzles involving assembling shapes to fill a square. I feel that I have a lot of things to un-learn. My senses of Logic and Math were developed in the wrong part of my brain, all this time. Time to work on reversing the damage. History will not look favorably on the American Public Education System of this Era. I feel like punching something.

This has to do with backing up your point of focus to a place further back in your head, where your focus is expanded not on a problem of Algebra, but on the entire thing. Shift your focus of problem solving from base 10 to base 60, which feels a lot different. The focus is no longer a sharp point, but the tip of an ICBM.

A metaphor for that is kind of like comparing the tip of your index finger to your Arm. There is just more work being done, and faster, but it doesn’t feel like focus. It feels expanded, and hazy.

Hel, this even reminds me of the Rifle Range back in Boot Camp. Relaxed Thought, Reduced Anxiety, and letting my Brain do the work on the back end, trusting it to pull through for me, like a good engine should.

Having Faith in Myself.


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