Become a Genius!

Turok, you need to get some sunlight…

Neuroplasticity, developed through gameplay, allows you to rewire your brain however you like. If you believe you are a genius, many times it is a result of mental illness telling you that you are more gifted than you actually are(My Subconscious is blocking out the correct phrase for this on purpose). However, because of the trained strength of Neuroplasticity, an extremely plastic mind would be able to become a Genius by repetitive belief. Brainwash yourself with a fiction enough, and your mind makes it real, in many cases. On the other hand, by that same token, a born genius could become a complete moron biologically with a reversed dynamic under the same plasticity mechanic. If you tell yourself you are stupid, and everyone around you reinforces the delusion, then a gifted child will grow up to become an adult idiot. This may have been the case with the story of Jesus. Even if there was no god, and he was simply living among religious nuts in the endless wastes of sand and ignorance, he may have gained his unnatural abilities to heal flesh and walk on water from the same concept as above. He rewired his brain through belief and repetitive affirmation until his brain humored him neurobiologically, and gave him those abilities. In my opinion, Jesus was only scratching the surface in those old stories regarding advanced ability. I’m increasing the standard for the sake of argument. Level 1 would be healing a blind person by a gentle touch in a moment. Level 5 would be personal Intergalactic Travel ON FOOT and without any ship or devices, and in a small moment. I can only imagine what level 20 would be. I’m thinking you could found a type 3 Civilization all on your own, in the time it takes to walk downtown to get breakfast. Then what waits down the rabbit hole of level 300? Type 10 Civilization? Yottahertz Neurology? 4D Coordinate Plane Bioelectric Mind Expansion? We have barely crawled out of our caves and we still throw rocks at the moon in fear that it’ll eat us, by metaphor, so we need to honor that reality and seek real progress. For example, if I can have my right forearm sliced completely off in a major auto accident, and it doesn’t respawn like in a video game, there is no modern medicine. We have so much work to do!



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