Break free and take the wheel

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“Even the Wise still seek him” is a quote many Christians follow, with the lesson being that becoming wise will not get you any closer to understanding God, and that you are actually ahead of the curve by having the mind of a child. The problem with that is that the Wise have seen through the game and you have not. If you look at Christianity on the surface, at face value, it appears to be a religion based on an elaborate chain letter with the thickness of an entire book. It is. However, just like the devil is in the details, God can be found underneath the layers of poetic metaphor and the subtext of storytelling. If you think you are ahead of the curve, the God you are pretending to worship is as fictional as Pikachu. Your entire religion is a trap of subjugation designed by the State hundreds of years ago, using a collection of Oral Teachings from people that did link with the divine long ago. It’s a rather extreme irony. You are on the right path, but if you are content in your faith and understanding, having only scratched the surface without diving deep underneath, you have entirely missed the point. The current version of Christianity has its origins hundreds of years ago, not thousands. I’ll bet those in the times of Jesus could link with God and do things like summon pillars of fire and all manner of upsetting reality and the natural order with wild and dangerous magic based on the inherent intellect and life reality and science and even numbers and concepts are imbued with. Your faith is a fad that is already faltering. It was never meant to withstand the Age of Information, as it relies heavily on information control at the level of facism where people are kept ignorant. When the Bible was translated from Latin to English, and made available to the lower class, quite agressively, the fate of your religion was already sealed. If you wanted your faith to last forever, you should have NEVER translated it! I make this plea to you. Learn to see through the game. Read and study. Read many books. Study many faiths and philosophies. Study Science and Art. Study how Musical Mathematics can be, and the Creativity of Design. Discipline yourself to maintain an attitude of constant improvement. If you want to see through the Game, become a Game Designer, and stop being a player. Only you can build and design your link with God and your place in the Universe. It cannot be given to you. Take responsibility. A child of God will only grow up and become the next generation with the hard rote work of building their own Godhood. Do it for the sake of your unborn Universe. It cannot be born until you grow up, child of God.




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