Credits:// Alan Moore

Q:) can consciousness survive death ?

A:) Ok, here is my perspective on this. No. Not right now, at least. Deleted is deleted. If the neural firing of bioelectricity can be quantified as a person, that is amazing. But it is not a self-sustaining energy-based life form. It’s wearing a life support system like a large heavy suit. However, now we have emerging technologies in Quantum Physics/Mechanics. Perhaps we build a machine of that type to convert the Incomplete Energy Based Life Form into a Complete one that can exist without a body. Then, you build a new type of human body to act as a proper biped vehicle for the Posthuman. I’m reminded of “Dr. Manhattan” from The Watchmen. If I was complete, then I could get caught in an explosion of any level on a Universal Scale, and still have the sentient will to pull myself back together. This is what the modern version of “Born Again” should mean.



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