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I’ll allow it.

Scene: A Courtroom

[Enter Scene]

Lawyer: “Your Honor? Permission to treat the witness as hostile?”

Witness: “Your Honor? Permission to be hostile?”

The judge just gapes at the witness, in utter shock, but then he shifts to confusion, deep thought, and finally, laughter.

Judge: “You know what? I’ve been doing this job for a great deal of my adult life, and I’ve seen many weird things in my day. But I’ve never once heard of something as odd as what you just asked me. You know what? I’ll allow it! Proceed!”

At this the witness turns back to the lawyer with a very hungry and evil grin, as if he was a lion about to catch and eat a nice fat rabbit.

Lawyer: “Oh,..shit. “

The Lawyer falls back over his chair and quickly ambles back to his feet, bolting for the exit.

The Witness gives chase, even pulling out a large hunting knife and screaming:

Witness: “Sooooweeeee! Piggy Piggy Piggy PIGGY! Baby wants his hot viddles!”

Lawyer: “AGH! Get away from me!

As the two voices rush down the hall and out of earshot, the entire courtroom looks accusedly at the Judge, who only smiles back.

Judge: “I said, I’ll allow it. I’ll clear this whole courtroom into the prison cage next door for contempt of court if you all don’t stop glaring at me.”

The courtroom returns to normal.

[End Scene]



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