I heard that Jesus and Shakespeare may be similar in that they are both based on multiple inspiring people in ancient history. You can justify and verify their historical accuracy by finding out who the actual people they were based on were, and verifying their existence through empirical evidence. As a Mythologist, I value Jesus more as a fictional character than an actual person that lived(and still lives according to the bible). The reason for this lays in the Power of Myth, Legend, and the Art of Storytelling.

These things shape society more than one might think, and there is very real and measurable Power there, rather than an ambiguous and scientifically un-provable and un-quantifiable Might beyond our senses.

Some people think it was a deeply poetic and metaphorical way to teach Quantum Physics in Ancient Times. If you think about how Alchemy Books were encoded and hidden in Cookbooks to hide ancient knowledge in plain sight from religious zealots that would burn it for blasphemy, it makes sense that the one and first book in print would be responsible for a leap in human civilization not because of the legends and stories, but because the bible may have taught the advanced sciences to alchemists who saw the bible as another cookbook to decode.


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