If he were alive today , he would be considered a domestic terrorist..

The elderly mentality of all security and zero risk will be the end our civilization. At some point, those that oppose innovation and the proper, timely upgrades to our civilization based on that mentality have only one function. To become chewed gum in the cogs, sprockets, and springs of the mechanical pocketwatch of out civilization. Voting should be based on merit, and competency, just like an A+ Certification in IT that needs to be renewed with valid aptitude testing once in a while.Giving people inherent rights just for being born in this country is something that Socrates hated about Democracy. You wouldn’t hire a barista to fix a broken windshield or upgrade your computer hardware, so why do we let just anyone have a say in our political process? Just understanding basic politics is a valid skill that requires a lot of study. That is hard work. People work for their rights. Rights are earned. If you are tested, and it shows you have no interest in helping the process and simply want to vote for the guy with the nice hair, you should have your voting rights stripped until the next election, but not before the state and federal government require you to take a few classes in basic politics and current events.


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