God is a loaf of Bread

I think I figured out what God is. You know how if you consider a moment in a lifetime a cross section, like a slice of bread out of a whole loaf, from viewing a person from the dimension of time(4D is getting questionable lately in it’s definition.Time or Hyperspace?? Make up your minds!)

Anyway, in defining God, you could look at an entire person as a cross section, again, like a slice of bread, and God is the whole loaf. The bible does say something about wherever there are a few of us together he is present. Well, then we could consider a Measurement of how many cross sections add up to bigger or smaller sections of the higher dimensional form of God.

If you look at it another way, I am 1 frame of Animation, and so is everyone else. God is the whole movie playing on Netflix! LOL. 3d cross sections of a 4d loaf of bread, lol. If you look at the story of the great flood and Noah’s Ark, God was not punishing mankind. He was punishing himself for falling out of discipline. When a Civilization falls into Chaos, that is God having Emotional and Mental Problems. Angels would be like White Blood Cells.

“The Antagonist” would be the reptilian layer of his brain. Base desires, territoriality, and wrath. Just as you seek to overcome these things as an Evolutionary Leftover, he has the same problem on a much larger scale, and he needs giant natural disasters just to clear his head and detox.

You need to see the whole picture, not just a slice of it!

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