Homo Newtonian

Homo Newtonian

“The key to the creative type is that he is separated out of the common pool of shared meanings. There is something in his life experience that makes him take in the world as a problem; as a result, he has to make personal sense out of it.”

-Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death

This quote sparked an idea, and I pursued it down the path of research over time.

Little by little I started to understand. Schizophrenia is not a disease. It’s a natural ability of the human brain to push the limits of perception of the abstract.

The opposing end of that spectrum would be a person that could not move a simple sphere within a controlled 3D space within their imagination. It would just hover there, static, rigid, and unmoving.

It is my belief that this is somewhat currently understood by the medical community, resulting in 2 assumptions I really want to prove wrong:

1. Medication is used to simply silence the Schizophrenic for the sake of the peace of their family, and at the expense of the patient’s cognisance. This would be brutal beyond Nazi Medical Research, and it may be even worse than that because it carries forward unquestioned, making it magnitudes worse than what we can define as evil even in the most horrific sense.

2. Schizophrenia is a biological precursor to the natural development of genius. Look back at that quote for a moment. To this type of person, the world does not seem right. Something is off. Nothing makes sense. So a doctor’s only recourse is to medicate that person for the sake of public safety. Barbaric. You might as well still be using leeches to drain out the evil spirits.

The correct way to deal with a schizophrenic is to prepare a safe area for them, but I don’t mean an empty padded cell so they will not hurt themselves.

What I mean is an environment in which they can be taught and guided to build their own understanding of reality that is in no way compatible with the established one.

They become like a Theoretical Physicist, inventing new math to solve problems, and even inventing new languages and new systems just to make sense of the world.

They are nurtured with counsel, not chemicals, and given creative freedom in the extreme with military grade computer technology for creative and scientific expression and development.

Each one of these students(not patients) has the potential of Issac Newton.

Each one of these students has the ability to change the world for better or for worse, by around 1000 years of development.

But all this is not actually the assumption that I wish dearly to prove wrong.

That assumption is that the medical community already understands this to the point of halting the evolutionary progression of Homo Sapiens Sapiens to Homo Sapiens Excelsior, which has also been titled “Homo Excelsior”, or “PostHuman”.

The reason is the same situation where the Neanderthal Human Race feared being outbred and eradicated by Homo Sapiens when that was the next evolutionary state.

In that, I watch a lot of Doctors in their fields get praised for their intelligence.

All I see is fear.



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