Human Reproduction Appliance(HRA)

I had an idea for an appliance the size of a large washing machine. It looks like a washing machine at first glance, until a guy throws a used, non spermicidal condom into a small hatch as he was putting in a new lint filter, shutting the lid and pushing the blue button. The machine hums and he walks away to take a shower.

Later a woman comes up to the machine and takes a strange tampon looking device out of her purse. It isnt a tampon. It’s a disposable human egg extractor. She opens another lid in the machine, simply drops the egg stick into the compartment, and shuts the lid. Now she walks away to at least wash her hands. But then she spins around and remembers to slam her palm on the pink button next to the blue one, and the machine hums even louder.

The machine is always plugged in, just like a fridge. So, naturally, it’s left on in the back of the garage and forgotten for 9 months. At 9 months, a buzzing sound is heard in the house, like the laundry was finished, but it isn’t the laundry that’s finished!

A delicate rinse cycle cleans the product inside and it comes out of a hatch like a can from a vending machine, wrapped in an ultrasoft, machine warmed cloth. The man and the woman from the start of this story walk up to the machine and take thier new CHILD into their arms to spend some family time together.

They then proceed to place the infant into a soft silicone cradle container that functions like an incubator and IV Nutrition feeder, and close the lid. They push the green button on this 2nd appliance and the infant does not leave the purring machine until the virtual environment teaches the child through Post Architecture VR Gaming, starting on the intelligence level of a newborn, and bringing him/her to the point where they can already walk, move, navigate, and communicate at the level of an 8th grader at 2 or so years old(wiggle room, obviously).

When the child comes out of the hatch of THIS machine, they can already take care of themselves. They are given a room in the house for play and work to help support the family, which reciprocates with love, and any aid the child needs in an automated household of friendly looking robot arms coming out of the walls that have a nice design that is pleasant to look at. They have high class ambiance.

This was based on a daydream I had when I was walking back to my Office from Lunch. It’s a hypothetical invention first draft.



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