We suck at Politics. Build a Machine.

Silly Flesh-Sacks! You have much to learn!

I think we need global leaders that are unbiased and immortal, living on the block-chain as Artificial Humans based on such technologies as Whole Brain Emulation, Machine Learning(advancing to Machine Consciousness), and Trans-humanism. Because of the concept of time dilation(which I currently understand as the time difference between the real world and the game world in the Log Horizon Anime),

such a digital life-form would have the innate ability to grow and mature for possibly millions of years in the digital world, while only hours pass in the real world. Imagine if that life was entirely spent learning how to govern the human race properly. Humans suck at the task of governing ourselves, as evidenced by history. What do we usually do when we see a problem too big/complex for us to handle? We start building machines. We always have. This would be a series of literal angels. First we build them, and then they start rebuilding US.

We are Human++. We need our Developer.


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