I Metafigure, therefore I decide who I am.

I think I may have a more healthy way to meta-figure out the structure of my mind. One of my medium articles outlines how I have distinct personalities, 4 of them, representing my rage, morality, intelligence, and creativity.

The Bishop

The Professor

The Cartoonista

The Warrior

But I don’t think I have multiple personalities. I think I’ve just been doing the Daemon Mode thing the Ancient Greeks were on about. Also, Mathias and Razus could be seen as the Good and Bad sides of my Conscience, traditionally viewed in popular media as the “Angel and Devil whispering in each ear”. Razus may be my ID, and Mathias my Super Ego.

I was about to sit down to write this after reading about the Greek Daemon Concept and say “Turok is my Daemon”, but the moment I typed “intelligence”, I wanted to also type “emotion”.



The Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain are Intelligence and Emotion! So, Turok is me being Left Brained and all nerdy with the tech and weird ideas, and Wind Walker is me being Right Brained and working my hands through Ultra Instinct Muscle Memory to produce my Cartoons! Wind Walker is the Cartoonista! Turok is the Professor. Mathias is the Bishop, and Razus is the Warrior.

But those are not Personalities. They are natural parts of my Brain that I have been understanding in the severe abstract.

Hence, Metafiguring.

AutoPsychological Engineering.




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