Infinity Engine

Infinity Engine

The Self as an Infinity Engine

White fire(solar plexus) fuels Infinity Engine Drive(Spine) which in turn revs up a drive chakra in every single cell in your body, spinning simultaneously, and all harmonized with the White fire, which now acts like a Quartz System Clock in a Computer, regulating cycles.

To get this going, I would recommend Interpretive Dance to an Upbeat Song. Get your heart pumping. Wake up your body!

Add this in your vision to build the concept in your Imagination.

Credits:// Planetary Gears

Also, think of all of your Cells feeding your own Energy back into your White Fire, as a Perpetual Motion Machine.

Source:// Google Images

And that is how you build an Infinity Engine.

You know I’m talking about the Chakras from Hindu culture, right? The idea has become quite popular over the millennia in various cultures, all telling different versions of the same story.
This isn’t my interpretation. This is me getting creative with the Open Ended Design Mechanic of the Brain, which we now know is more like Wet Clay than Dry Concrete. If you can become anything, then why not build yourself into a Deity?

Like the Quartz System Clock in your Computer.

Which establishes your White Fire as both your Core and Heart, but in a way that is pushing Immortality because, if it can be sustained independent of the body, then you become an energy based life form that is no longer subject to the decay of Organic Matter.

Combine that concept with this

Now, watch this and consider Mario’s Neural Net at the top of the screen. If all of your cells become energy-based, and homogeneous, then where is your Brain? I think your personal Neural Net should be spread across every Cell, as those cells are now Emulating Neurons. Emulation of Neurons is a proven concept in this video.

Credits:// SethBling

Because of the Quantum Superposition applied to the Self I wrote about in “I have the Power”, you may even have the ability to alter not just your location, but the density of your energy. What happens when you are only 5% Omnipresent as opposed to 20%? Density. So, if you make energy dense enough, it becomes solid. If someone were to try and cut off your head, it wouldn’t work. You don’t have blood. You don’t have internal organs. You are compressed energy.

A self-sustained solid Hologram.

Think about how Perfect Cell came back to life in Dragonball Z. When he was describing how he did it, he was defining the Self as a Hologram. If one Cell survives, so do you.

Credits:// Akira Toriyama

However, “Ultra Perfect Cell” in this story is a lower quality design than what I have outlined, because there would be no way for you to be destroyed in the first place, and there are no internal organs or muscles to grow back anyway.

So, you are more like this:

Credits:// Walt Disney Pictures, Sinbad


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