Into the DEEP

Into the DEEP

When I think of how to perceive moving along the new W Axis in Physics(XYZW), I first consider that this is not a direction that I can point to with my index finger. The movement, I imagine, is like an Adobe Flash Motion Tween. Only instead of a transition between 2 two dimensional images, it’s 2 three dimensional layers of reality. Considering the first concept that comes to mind as far as the W axis is concerned, the “Tesseract” or “Hypercube”, where a cubic container you could hold in your palm could hold 1.8 Billon Cubic Tons of Water, suddenly that movement down the W axis starts to make a little more sense.

Now, consider the story of the resurrection of Jesus for a moment. If he “Ascended into Heaven”, it would make less sense for him to just fly off into the clouds, and more sense that he appeared to fade away, when in reality he was moving in the direction of the Heavens. The W Axis.

The technology you could build with this? Wow. Imagine a small motor the size of a pencil that is only the tip of the iceberg, which is a 400 Horsepower Engine hiding in the Deep. How awesome would that make an M-16? 1 rifle could do the same damage, with a single shot, as an ICBM.


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