I’ve Friendzoned you!

A heterosexual pair of friends of opposite genders should be having sexy fun times frequently, because those activities are FUN.

Friends have fun together.

“Relationships” are complicated, stressful, and damaging.

A woman who friendzones a man is “keeping” him on the back burner in case she needs him.

This is a foul and criminal way to treat your male friend.

He is aching, and suffering, and you don’t care.

The abusive jerk in this equation is the Girl!

And before you cite religious reasons for holding back on sexy times, think of this. One of the primary indicators of a Cult is that it regulates human sexuality.

A Cult can be 2000 years old and still be a Cult. It could be 20 billion years old and still be a Cult.

Take Christianity for example. For about 1500 years, it was just scattered texts and verbal stories passed around the lower economic classes, and from parent to child.

It was the sentiment of “It’s ok to be poor”, and “Rebel against your oppressors for the sake of your beliefs”.

But when it was all consolidated into a single book, things got a bit odd.

Now it was an organized religion that was doing what ISIS is doing now. “Convert or Die”, and it was like that for hundreds of years.

But when the Age of Reason came along, the Secular State was born, and Christianity stopped acting like ISIS and more like the soft, warm, and friendly sentiment/aesthetic we are used to.

But Christianity was forced to convert to that methodology by the State.

“Stop burning people, and you can have your Churches” was a Civic Compromise.

So, why not trash that old concept, and just screw like rabbits while we’re young and lustful?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not suppressed.

Ladies, all the “Nice” guys in your life are just waiting for an opportunity to take you to bed.

We will wait YEARS for an Opportunity. It’s Torture.

Stop hurting us.



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