Mad Theory(-M)

Mad Theory(-M)

Can’t fucking sleep. So I wrote this:

A hypothesis on progressive Bosonic Spatial Dimensions.

Basic Idea: The 2D world is only a cross-section of the 3D world, but does that mean the 4th Dimension is a cross section of the 5th Dimension? You would have to add more Axis than XYZ, and each additional Axis would have to be as a significant jump from the last as X is to Y, or Y is to Z. Apparently Gravity is one of these. A G Axis! 26 dimensions of Space mean 26 Axis total. We would almost run out of letters!

A hypothesis on Bosonic Spatial Dimensions as applied to Organic Cells

Basic Idea: My basic understanding of the 10th Dimension is that every point in 3D space exists in the same 3D space as every other point. The air I’m breathing exists simultaneously somewhere around Alpha Centauri, and additionally in the next 4 Galactic Super clusters over, to the left(turn your head). Expand this idea to how each cell is connected to every other cell in the body. In a way, there is only one cell, according to the concept above. It makes the flow of biological energy moving through living human cells seem not so 3 Dimensional in motion.

A hypothesis on the Thalamus Gate as applied to perception, and it’s Application to Imagination and the Multiverse.

Basic Idea: The Thalamus is the portal in the brain where all the senses funnel data, and it get perceived and understood on the other side of that gate. When we dream, that gate shuts, and we are cut off from reality, thus forced into the only reality available: The Mind. As far as applying that to Imagination in the Multiverse, I feel that the idea of an infinite number of possible variations of parallel universes, as well as the weaknesses inherent in the brain, I don’t think Imagination even exists. I think the Thalamus gate can get sense data from the Multiverse, and even search it like it was Google, dancing around like a kid in a candy store picking at random universes or even intently looking for one to inspire a new idea. In other words, you don’t have the ability to make things up. What you think is your imagination is really just someone else’s Universe, or a compilation of Universes you assembled artistically, which gets into a Meta type loop of concepts that I can’t actually process.




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