Magic Lesson #1

Magic Lesson #1


Lesson #1

So, I’m starting to think Magic, as described in the fantasy genre, could be functionally designed and fabricated by first understanding your “self” as biotechnology that is a quantifiable(able to be measured) amount of bioelectricity within your nervous system. (a)

A good way to start learning that, is to first understand a different method of learning. You are both the student, and the teacher. (b)

To understand this, you need to first understand how and why a human talks to themselves.©

Inside a human mind, you have subjectivity, which means that there is no external understanding of the world, at all, and all you know and experience exists within your own mind, with nothing else. The opposite of this is objectivity, where you are aware of the world outside your mind, and you can relate how it works by awareness, which is a function of the self. (d)

However, the self is not complete without a balanced understanding of the “Microcosm”(the subjective world inside the mind), and the “Macrocosm”(the objective world outside the mind) (e)

Without a complete “self”, you cannot effectively “Learn” or “Understand”.(f)

Once you have a complete “self”, return to the first paragraph of this document and supplement the perception of your “understanding” in the way of the concept of a “system upgrade”.(g)

In this way, you can have the perspective of a teacher, and give an instruction, to empty space. But we are not finished yet. This is only half of the picture I’m trying to draw here.(h)

A good way to imagine this, is being in an office with a table, two chairs, and a game of chess set on the table. You are the only one in the office. You sit in one chair and make a move, as the teacher. To become the student, all you need to do is get up, walk around the table to the other chair, and sit down, right before moving a chess piece from the side you are now sitting at. This keeps going until you beat yourself at the game.(i)

I illustrated this ordered daydream to show how you can shift your perspective inside your mind to answer your own questions. Pose a problem to yourself, and then solve it, as if you were 2 different people, but it’s only an illusion of perception. You are one person, and one mind. And yet, you have now gained the functionality of two. The student, and the teacher. (j)

In this way, you can teach yourself. That may seem trivial, but it is actually extremely amazing and extrordinarily wonderful. It is also a device of bioelectric technology based out of the form and function of sentience, which is also a device of the same type. (k)

So, it could be seen as a device, nested inside another device, in a relational interplay bringing both devices into harmonious operation. The latter generates a function that is greater than the sum of the parts of the 2 component device comprising the “Teach yourself” device and the “Sentience” device.(l)

I just made these. ^_^

I want you to to try something. Google a Physics Law. Just pick a random one. Now, gain an understanding of that law as an equation, not a description. Now, program, or imprint that understood equation into the Rune of your choice(I just provided some examples above. I was just being randomly creative. They have no meaning, yet?) Now that Rune is the placeholder for that understood equation, and now, if only to you, that rune represents it.

Now, imagine that Rune is liquid, and alive, as if you could pour a thick, oily, glowing, living pool of liquid into a glass. Pour that liquid with your feelings/awareness into your shoulder(pick one). That liquid is programming your arm with the definition written on the rune. So, you could think it of loading bio-software into a bio-computer controlled bio-component.

When you run a program on your computer, or an app on your smartphone, the program is loaded, and you can use it. Click on Angry Birds, and then Play the Game.

It really is that simple if you think of it that way. Many times things are only difficult to learn because the instructions are ill-presented by as design that does not fit the structure of your type of mind. So, you end up rewriting the textbook you are reading into your notebook, just so you can have a translated version that makes sense to only you.

Ok, so the Physics Law, or the result of the application of the Law is now something you can use as a function of your entire arm.

What could you do with this?

Ummm,…I dunno, hack physical reality,…bare handed?

What if you used Creative Modular Physics to make formulas that you make true by arranging them within your arm as a new machine?

At this point, with many crafty years of experience, you make your own laws to govern the universe, barehanded. And it only gets exponentially weird from there. Sorry.

Honestly, I would equate this ability with an infant learning to stand up in the grander scheme of things.

You have a long way to go. There is no map.

Not that you need one, anymore.



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