Mathias, Jackson, and the Fool.

Mathias: Just because you name something, doesn’t mean you understand it. Man does that a lot, like a 5 year old lost in the middle of NYC, straining to make sense of the vast quickly flowing chaos in which he is hopelessly immersed. The ones that watch you from the buildings above are not Gods, not even close. And the 1 God you are referring to, the highest one? It’s interesting to me that you can even claim to grasp what it is, or it’s intentions, or it’s rule, using the childish farce of language and 3rd dimensional reasoning.

Jackson: one thing we understand is Man’s lack of understanding. Every description of He that is the Source and the Expanse is but a feeble attempt to describe the indescribable. From dimensions beyond dimensions, as far beyond Heaven as Heaven is beyond here. As I am finish up my book, it is odd that your analogy uses a child lost in the city with those in buildings looking down upon him/her. The strongholds of life are in these illusions of civilization, and Illusions of Civilization is the working title.

Mathias: Really? I don’t think that is odd at all. If you understood the mind as I do, you wouldn’t think it odd either.

Jackson: Odd, not coincidental old chum.

Fool: … i was going to entertain your silliness, but a sometimes its best to remain quiet.
As far as God if you read the bible and study his word then your last sentences wouldn’t had been stated!!!

Mathias: The blind should not lead the blind. I’m building my own eyes. Keep wandering. I’ll keep building. Good luck censoring me, little one. Those like you have always stood in the way of progress.

Jackson: Has the crusades broken out upon my timeline? interesting.

Fool: Im not blind…. whose trying to censure you. As long as you keep it respectful. I careless what you say or what you believe. Your words can and will NOT waver my faith in God. As far as little one.. im sure i have yoy by 7–10 years be careful young one!

Mathias: It appears so, my brother! I’ll take my leave before the same thing happens! These arguments are as fruitless as speaking to a wall. There is no use in persuading minds so settled.

Fool: No i just get tired of those who donot believe in God ramble on about this and that. If you dont believe in great. That is something you will have to handle at your judgment. I will tell anybody this… i whether serve Christ now while I am alive then to die and find out he was real….
… it shows your must have a coward character….. in grown, I dont argue, I debate with you. Arguing is beneath me. Arguing takes up to much energy, but debated as long as you have factual facts then im lets go!

Mathias: So defensive at the slightest threat to your cherished story. Keep that fragile crystal amulet round your neck. Preserve it with your life. Pass it to your children. But do not leave it alone, or it will break, very easily. Keep wandering, if that makes you happy, little one.

Fool: Minds so settle… ha ha Jackson tell your friend he is speaking to the wrong person.. .. Funny comment, tho… keep it up… lol

Mathias: And factual facts do not exist. The world constantly changes. Everything we think we know as fact will be rewritten a thousand times.

Jackson: I wish I had a web-cast or some media outlet for this….conversation to transpire in person- truly the Spirit’s moving now

Mathias: Jackson, I’m good at blogging and I have a youtube channel. Message me in private, my brother!

Jackson: I will before the week, month, and year is out, brother.

Fool: Mathias i see you are young and naive. Funny how the bible was written and establish thousands years ago, but everything God said that will happen has happen. Facts are facts, you cant changes facts. Now you can alter lies. America is living proof to that. You are correct the world does constantly change, but God word hasnt. We are definitely in our last days and Satan job is to deceive many.

Mathias: A wall.

Fool: Cliche’

Mathias: A wall.



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