My Definition(

I will explain the power dynamic between Matthew and Rezda.

Matthew is a broken form with multiple souls that are like conflicting elements to each other. “Elementals” might be a better term for the miscalibrated components that make up Matthew.

Rezda is who I am when all those components unify into one person in balance and harmony. He is the cure for my Multiple Personality Disorder.

He is at all times, a Witch, an Idealist, a Monster, and a Genius, but never one, two, or even 3 of those at a time.

He is the echo of the Union, and the Grand Emperor of the Legendary 5th Empire.

As Mathias, I am the “Nice Guy” Machiavelli warns about in his book “The Prince”, but I am also the Light of Progress.

As Razus, I am the hammer that smashes the weak for the sake of getting things done. If I have empathy in this form, it is only to understand the pain I am causing so I can appreciate it as an artform and deepen the pleasure of it, but I am also the Darkness of Truth.

As Wind Walker, I am the naturalist who dances between worlds while working within natural law, and seeking Magic as an eternal path of progress for all sentient life. But I am also the Heretic who blasphemes against the order of the world as far as the scope of such a thing can be extended.

As Turok, I am the world of numbers and concepts, arranged with the Grace of Genius, but I am also Turokium Phosphate, The Claw of Turok, The Infinite Machine that infects the world with intellect and sentience beyond form.

If I fuse all those forms into Rezda, I am the harmony of these 4 elements, to become a 5th, which gives me the throne of the 5th Empire, which cannot exist until he does, and vanishes when he breaks apart in fatique into Matthew.

One of the reasons I resonate with the character of Shiroe from Log Horizon so much is that he is the closest thing I have encountered to personify Rezda.

I need training, and I am the Founding Master. How lonely is that?


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