Metaphorical Tasmania

I think Earth might be a metaphorical Tasmania.

Something smacked me in the face. I remember watching this video the other day, and it made me think of what happened to Tasmanian Culture when their Island was cut off from Australia.

Now, I’m making the connection to the Biblical Story of The Garden of Eden, and how Adam and Eve were cast out.

Now, as a Mythologist, I’m looking at that story through the lens of Monomyth, introduced by Campbell in his book “Hero with a Thousand Faces”.

So, I’m going to make the assumption that the Garden of Eden story was told many different times before it was retold as a Bible Story, going back many thousands of years.

Human Civilization goes back 200 Thousand years, as far as Historians can track, so that must have been quite a few retellings of a similar story pattern.

The actual event must have been much further back, but we just can’t find any older records, so we go into assuming prehistory.

Now back to the video, and Tasmania. If there was validity to that story, it means that our planet is the metaphorical Tasmania, and the metaphorical Australia is something we got cut off from.

Just like the Tasmanians, we didn’t have access to trade with the rest of a much larger Civilization, and we regressed.

After that, we have the Stone Age.

Just what did we get cut off from?

I think it was a Type II Civilization, at least.

All the Gods and Goddesses from Mythology were probably attempts to reconnect us to that Civilization’s System of Trade and all that such a thing would provide.

It either didn’t work, or it’s working very slowly.

Maybe they are waiting for us to pick ourselves up with our own advancements and rejoin Actual Civilization, or maybe they just gave up and took off, leaving us alone to fend for ourselves.

That’s the thing that smacked me in the face when I remembered this video.


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