Metaversal Learning Codex

Metaversal Learning Codex(MLC)

a. The Feynman Technique and an 8th grade education

b. The MENSA test and puzzles

c. Neurology Testing and puzzles

d. Elegance in Game Design and Logic

e. The Failed American Education System and how to rebuild it.

f. Academic Inflation and the Degree as a functional title of Nobility.

g. The exponential increase in consumption of knowledge in the information age

h. The weak and simple nature of the Human Mind, 4 bits per second processing speed

i. “Everyone is a genius, but if you shame a fish for its inability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”- Einstein

j. There are 20 different kinds of intelligence and a chart of personality types. The main weakness of the education system is that it only takes 1 measurement to cover everyone.

k. Memorization and Standardized Testing in High School when it is Critical Thinking Skills which are needed for College Preparation.

Take all these ideas and play with them in your head. Make them work together like music and like an engine.

The resulting product in my mind produced from this process was this concept.

XXX: Games are more important than schooling for the strong growth of a mind, and High School should be abolished, being replaced with an Apprenticeship to a Master/Mistress of a chosen trade. Experience first, and college as needed online to compliment on the job training. You should be judged according to your own works and contributions to mankind, not by a piece of paper granting you the right to work in a real job.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what he learned in school” -Einstein



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