I have an idea.

Create a Global Blockchain Machine Learning App that works on the cheapest smartphones.

It’s a Global University that teaches how to participate in the Global Market, with practical applications for students.

The App is free. There is no tuition. There are no ads.

Yet, a boy hiding under his blankets in a home so poor he can’t let his parents know he found a convenience store smartphone in the dumpster, lest they try to sell it for more drugs, and who never had any hope of escaping his slum and going to college, can earn his way into the world based on merit and effort alone. He can break loose, and so can everyone else.

Because this isn’t about money. It’s about coming to the aid of our Entire Species as those who feel a personal responsibility to it.

The True Adults.

Low Barrier Entry into Participation of the Global Market and Society.

With the addition of AR, lessons could be entirely visual with ML image recognition connecting concepts and using them in spacial puzzles based on the student’s surrounding environment.

The teacher is in the cloud. A Digital Neural Network of the NEAT type , wise enough to teach a human. Kind of an addition to my Metaversity Concept on Reddit.



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