My stance on Dragonball Super

Everything in its proper place

I want Frieza to win the ToP for 1 reason.

The story needs a consistent villian that is part of the main cast.

This trend of every major villain becoming “reformed” needs to stop.

I have a similar problem with Power Rangers.

This is the time on Sprockets when ve dance!

It should have been the same cast(except for changes in acting roles due to deaths or firing) of Season 1 fighting Rita and Lord Zedd. The idea that you need to keep introducing more and more powerful villains to showcase more powerful rangers is Lazy Storytelling.

Personal Relationships.

Character and Worldbuilding Dynamics.

Things like:

Man vs. Man.

Man vs God.

Man vs. Himself.

Man vs. Society.

All the combinations of literary and plot devices used in modern fantasy, were used very little, if at all.

Look at Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

He never got any superpowers. His coming back to life was not a personal superpower. He was just a normal human that showed progress in his character through learned experience.

We should have had over 20 seasons of the same cast of Rangers fighting Rita and Lord Zedd. But back to DBS. If Frieza wins, he’s going to wish to reign over Zeno.

If he is allowed that wish, it will create a lot of dangerous conflict that will put the entire Multiverse in Severe Danger(greater than present).

Also, Super Saiyan Silver should be the Final Form, because this endless progression of power levels needs to stop.

A Haunting Memory. Those Eyes…

I want more moments like Goku holding Master Roshi on the battlefield.

I want more Buddhist Allegory/Metaphor.

I want less focus on fighting, and more focus on hunting/adventuring for the Dragonballs, with the fighting aspect being a sub plot to the adventure, not the other way around!

Love is more difficult than fighting!


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