You are always in the Now.

It was Now when you were first Sentient, and it will be Now in the moment you die.

You have accumulated memories, experiences, and skills, but all 3 of those things are not the core of you, which is always in the Now.

The Now is in the deepest core of yourself, and uses your Mammalian Brain, because that part of the Brain relates to position, including your position in Time.

The cursor that moves as you type, is always in the same place, from a certain perspective.

In a similar perspective, the Now is a position of you within Time, and yet is not within Time.

It was Now during the Big Bang, and it will be Now during the Heat Death of the Universe, right up to the point where Science and Math cease functioning entirely.

Remember what I said about White Fire of Self being Non-Linear? This is like that.

It’s almost as if the smallest moment in Time was looped forever, and people stopped noticing at some point.

From that Perspective, it is always Now, and Time is Imaginary.

I wrote this because I was contemplating forgiveness for my past selves.

Then I realized my Error.

There is nothing to forgive.

We are not separate.

There is no “We”, there is only “I”.

I am not better than myself. That’s nonsense. What I carry forward is just boxes in the far back shelves of my mind.

Myself, in the Now is whatever the moment brings, and how I react to that moment.

That’s all.

Perhaps that’s why the front point of Human Focus takes up so little space, and is so weak by comparison to the Subconscious.

The Now, and that White Fire…there is no changing that…there is no evolving that…by Design.

For this reason, which took a while to build, I think I may be able to gain Contentment.


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