Nyx, The CyberGoddess Town Infrastucture

Definition and Function of the Office of Town Communication Director://

By Matthew Paul Chapdelaine

A Town Communications Director is defined as the head of Systems Administration for a System Pioneered by Retired USMC Communications Specialist(MOS:0651) Matthew Paul Chapdelaine, dubbed “Nyx” whose name comes from the Mythological Archetype of Nyx, goddess of the night(google Nyx for more info on the Archetype).

The Structure of the Office://

Head Systems Admin(1)

Lance Communicators(4)


HSA has administration over the lower rank of Lance Communicator, of which there are 4. LC’s are each leaders of 4 Linkers.

Head Systems Admin:// Developer and Chief Engineer of the Nyx System. Logistical Hub of Lance Communicators.

Lance Communicator:// These 4 workers are the front lines for the work delegated by the HSA. Experienced and Reliable at the Craft of Communications.

Linker:// High School Communications Interns being trained by their LC’s. (The Intake process for High Schoolers to enter the Field of US Government Communications in the “Low Barrier to Entry” method inspired by the Transportation App “UBER”.


An animated AI serving as both the Operating System and

the Administrator of that Operating System governing the

Harmonious Operation between all IOT(Internet of Things)

enabled Communcation Modules.

Communication Module:// A solar powered, battery cycle device that has 3 functions:

Reach out as far as possible to find even a weak signal, and connect to it.

Amplify the signal with a portable WiFi Amplifer to full bars.

Become a Wireless Node in the Neural Net of Nyx

All 3 ranks in the Office interact with Nyx by voice command.

The Office needs to run like a platoon, and work as one,

interacting with Nyx from an Encrypted VPN.

Nyx is fed Terabit Bandwidth by Li-Fi IP Transit between CM’s.

The source of the Bandwidth is the collection point on the roof of “Diggin Riggin”, where the Office of Town Communication Director rents an office. The HSA purchases Satellite Uplink Dishes online and has his Office set them up as a Local Government Internet Service Provider(LGISP).



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