Infinite Implosive Growth of a Human = Posthuman

I thought of a better way to visualize that Bosonic Serial Dimension Expansion By Linear Perception Article I wrote. You are not growing UP, you are growing IN.

I imagine it like tree roots made of neural net energy(Bioelectricity?) that start growth into 4D on the Cartesian Coordinate Plane, and then growing savagely into overgrowth into 26D. But nobody knows, because the growth was contained within your 3D body, hidden. Considering the water container tesseract I was talking about before, the growth of your bioelectric mind/self, in 3D, would be in the amount and size rivalling something really big, LIKE A GALAXY.

You get to have a mind as big as a galaxy, but existing within the 3D space of your physical body.

Now apply that to Martial Arts and Ultra Instinct, and my article about connecting your mind, body, and universe.

“Magic” quantified by Physics beyond the Standard Model and Spin Fused with Evolutionary Neuroscience.

Can someone please tell me WTF a Human is???

I don’t think anyone knows!

That’s terrifying!



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