Self-Upgrade by Artificial Evolution

Can I heal any type of injury by Positive Thinking?

No, but it should be possible given the right assistance to your systems. Medication has shown me just how mortal and malleable the deepest core parts of my being are. That gives me more hope for Immortality, not less! Now that I know the reality, I can f0ck with my own Mechanics using Science! I think I need to build a Machine. A Mechanical Organ. It would attach to me and Upgrade my ability to Self-Heal to whatever level I need, to ludicrous levels of Effectiveness. After that, then yes. I could heal a Bullet Wound through Positive Thinking. I could also keep my Cellular Lines of Telomeres Long so I would never age!

You can’t just build something like that with physical components. You need to use NEAT(Neuro Evolution of Augmenting Topologies). You are a product of 2 kinds of Evolution. 1 is the million year generational type, and one is the 1 lifetime growth type. The latter is NEAT, just like Artificial Evolution. So, if I want to Upgrade my Human Body, I just need to use Artificial Evolution to build more Components for myself that can easily and functionally attach and grow into my existing ones! YAY!



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