Sentient BioVirusWare

Possessing Myself with Biotech

What do you call a software program for a biocomputer?


Well, think about it. If every cell in your body suddenly has all the functions of a neuron(emulated) in the context of every other cell in the body, you kinda need a virus to cause a little bitty bit of change to all the cells in a timely manner. Viruses do that. They spread through your system like wildfire, taking over. But a Virus can do more things than simply cause harm.

Bioengineer a Virus to make me see naked girls with big bouncing breasts everywhere I go in a programmed hallucination.

And then make it an Airborne Virus at a Feminist/SJW Rally!

Mass Triggering!

Fuck, they can now load malware by DNA. I did a podcast episode about it.

So, Whole Brain Emulation makes you into a Sentient Program living on a server. From there, put yourself through ANOTHER type of emulation transfer where you become a sentient biovirus program. Then you get injected back into your original body, and you reclaim your own body, but with more control than you’ve ever had.

But what if you got injected into a Wolf, or a Bear, or a Democrat?



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