Credits: Madoka Magica

If Scientists could prove and completely quantify a human soul and how it works? That would be amazing. The resulting technology might be like the soul container in the Anime Series “Madoka Magica”. If your body died, then your soul container would be removed surgically by a Doctor, and installed in a New Body, most likely one where the person inside was gone due to a terminal illness or some other rotting ailment. There would also be bodies available from those who wish to have medically assisted suicide. Why waste a body? We have soul containers in a locked room waiting for new bodies. For those who can’t wait that long, there would be Prosthetic Bodies designed to be operated by the Soul Container. Think of a ball of magic fire enclosed in container of metal, glass, and plastic, that functions as the Pilot of a Life-Size Humanoid Robot Android Biped Vehicle.

Credits: Masamune Shirow. Ghost in the Shell

However, if there is no Soul, as the Scientific Community is currently aware, then perhaps we need to build a machine to build such a thing! A stable, multi-colored fireball floating in mid-air, as a type 3 consciousness based completely in an energy based perpetual motion machine of self-operation and state of being/form. The container would enclose it as a way of controlling the location of the soul, and as a UI for the soul to operate a prosthetic body, as a vehicle.


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