Stop feeding him!

God never existed before we paid him attention. Quantum Superposition says the apple on the table does not exist as a single apple until it is observed by a consciousness. Same with God. We created a fiction to understand what we observed to be unknowable, in times when we threw rocks at the moon and sun in fear of them, thinking them Gods. Collective Observations from a rapidly growing human population just adds physical credence to a God that was once a fiction, now made real by the Quantum Collapse of Everything into One. However, I don’t see that being the literal God of the Bible, just the…Side Effects.

Credits: Doctor Who

The God of the Bible is still a complete fiction, but the real power of the Bible lays in Mythology, and the Power of Storytelling to Hack the World, since we started writing and speaking in the first place, and walking upright. This dynamic now makes sense according to the idea of God needing you to love and believe in him. It’s a 500 year old Chain Letter based on much older stories passed down in families from parent to child for thousands of years before f0cking King James made it all into a marketing gimmick to control the poor. A chain letter with a Quantum Parasite God attached! Stop feeding him!



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