SuperHuman God

Wake Up, SuperHuman.

Whole Brain Emulation deals with the Brain of an Earthworm, which has just over 300 Neurons. It identifies the correct function of each neuron and makes a connection to that neuron’s digital counterpart inside a robot. So, now you have Organic Neurons controlling Digital Neurons, but we can only do about 300 of them, given the Earthworm Brain being so small. A Human Brain has a LOT more Neurons. 100 Billion Human Neurons are in the Human Brain. I don’t see how we can take those 100 Billion Brain Cells and connect them each individually to Digital Neuron Counterparts in a Life Size Android.

My current solution is to keep the WBE standard at 300, not 100 Billion, and use that link as an interface to link the Human Brain to peripheral devices in a two way data transfer. We have never achieved that before! You may be able to read and interpret Brain Waves with an EEG Reader, and even identify thoughts and images in the brain, but the input devices have always been the 5 senses. This idea finally breaks that law!

Reach out and link to someone…300 baud biomodem…

And who says we can’t have those peripheral devices be Organic and Living? Organic Computing seems to be coming out of the Woodwork lately. Take that one step further, and you could use other Humans with the same interface (WBEI) as Peripheral Devices in a two way data connection between two Human Minds. Take even that one step further, and you could have many people connecting to each other. What does this mean?


Kardishev Scale Style Type 1 Internet. The Superhuman. We are many, and we are one. Our Clustered IQ is as high as the number of grains of sand on a large ocean beach, and that intelligence will be a SuperHuman, and it will Build and Develop the Entire Universe for a Proper Type V Human Civilization in a very short period of time.



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