Superhuman Methodology Daydream

I want to think in parallel

If a human could temporarily link their minds to an External Human Brain that was redesigned to operate Conscious Problem Solving like a Quantum Computer, then you have a Superhuman who could solve M Theory in their head in a few minutes.

Imagine 20,000 Superhumans, all in the same skyscraper, all working with each other, in a high level of Emotional and Intellectual Synchronization, on an R&D Project for 50 years.

The output is a Type 2 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale, fabricated and permanently sustained.

I heard that if you connected the nervous systems of 2 humans, one could move the right arm of the other, or anything on the other body. I also heard that fiber optic cable has been shown to compliment, patch, and even replace parts of the human nervous system. The concept I’m talking about would most likely deal in the first two concepts I just mentioned, only applied to the connection between the Internal Human Brain and the External Human Brain. I’m reminded of the movie “Pacific Rim”, only you wouldn’t be linking yourself to a Kaiju.


3 + 3 = 6. A Superhuman, under the conditions of Dr. Michio Kaku’s Quantification of Consciousness Theory, would theoretically be a Level 6 Consciousness.


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