The Body of Mathematics

A person is not a circulatory system, and mathematics is not algebra.

Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Basic Geometry,

Division, Negative Numbers, Order of Operations, Decimals, Factors,

Fractions, Powers, Radicals, Cartesian Coordinates, Data Plots,

Irrational Numbers, Variables, Equations, Functions, Elementary

Algebra, Slope, Polynomials, Matrices, Complex Numbers,

Logarithms, Geometry, Trigonometry, Radian, Unit Circle, Trig

Functions, Hyperbolic Functions, Statistics, Limits, Calculus,

Differentiation, Parametric Equations, Integration, Optimization,

Polar Coordinates, Inverse Chain Rule, Series, Vectors, Taylor Series,

Multivariable Calculus, Triple Integrals, Vector Calculus, Differential

Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Stokes Theorem,

Divergence Theorem, S-L Problems, Tensors, Vector Spaces, Linear

Transformations, Elgen Vectors, Elgen Values, Convergence, Fourier

Series, Laplace Transforms, Group Theory, Calculus of Variations,

Real Analysis, Euclidean Space, Cryptography, Stochastic Calculus,

Game Theory, Combinatorics, Complex Analysis, Complex


Holomorphic Functions, Measure Theory, Topology, Riemann

Surfaces, Metric Spaces, Homeomorphism, Homotopy, Non-

Euclidian Geometry, Boolean Algebra, Fractals, Banach Spaces,

Galios Theory, Hilberty Spaces, Differential Geometry, Algebraic

Topology, Groupoids, P-adic Analysis, Smooth Manifolds, Hairy Ball

Theorem, Algebraic Geometry, Knot Theory, Control Theory,

Projective Variety, Grobner Basis, Algebraic Number Theory,

Automorphic Forms, Chaos Theory, Clifford Algebra, Lie Algebras,

Infintesimal Transformations, E7 Lie Groups, Symplectic Geometry,

Random Matrices, Cohomology, Homological Mirror Symmetry,

Complex Klenian Groups, Perfectoid Spaces, Four Color Theorem,

Fermat’s Last Theorm, Poincare Conjecture, Inter-Universal

Techmuller Theory, Millenium Prize Problems, Reimann Hypothesis,

P-NP, Yang-Mills, Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture, and the

Hodge Conjecture. Usually you would imagine these Mathematical

Levels like blocks, stacked one on top of the other.

No. Stop it.

I want you to imagine instead a human body, and how each

system is integrated within the same space and as part of a

larger system.

The Circulatory System and the Nervous System, for example.

Now, in your imagination, give Mathematics a Body, and integrate

each Level as a System in the same Body in 3D. They are all needed,

and this is One Subject.


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