The Depths of Time and Memory

If 4D were both Time and Hyperspace, I’m not of the mindset of 3D Slices of a 4D Snake, that looks like a snake conceptually like in past videos on the subject. This Sphere idea is even cooler.

Instead of a Snake, I can picture an Orb around my body. and all the 3D Cross-sections are taking up the same space inside that Orb in the higher dimension of 4D. But who was I at age 5? Who am I now? Who will I be when I’m an Old Grey Haired Man on my Death Bed? All of those forms are me, right now.

The “now” is every 3D slice at once, and therefore all your experiences and memories are tied to this, and it all fits together like Michio Kaku said, like a puzzle you assemble, and the pieces are laws of physics that don’t make sense to move the way you want and assemble the puzzle correctly unless you have just one more dimension of freedom of movement to assemble the Whole Puzzle.

But the time you get to 14D, all of the Laws of Physics are present and accounted for as far as Understanding, but my overall point is that Scientists still don’t know exactly how Memory or Dreams work. Well, I have my own guess.

When you remember your 10th Birthday Party, your thoughts are making Neural Pathways of Bioelectricity to find the correct Memory, but the movement of those Pathways are not in 3D, they are in 4D, so when you remember the party, you are actually physically accessing your brain as it was when you were 10.

Your thoughts went back in time, literally, retrieved the Memory as it was being experienced, and the Neural Pathways came back through 4D to the present time, and you can almost taste the Cake, because YOU JUST DID.

As I said before, there are 11 Dimensions of Hyperspace to Climb. If that isn’t amazing enough, you have 10 more steps of wonder to go. What an awesome adventure!



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