The Human Larval State is almost over

The problem with Anti-Aging Transhumanist Life Extension Technologies being researched is the Philosophy behind retaining an Organic Human Form on a Permanent Basis.

The Earth cannot sustain more than 11 or 12 Billion Humans. If the rate of Death goes to 0, how long do you think it will take to reach 50 Billion? Here’s the thing. It wouldn’t even reach that number before Global Human Extinction purely from Overpopulation.

It wouldn’t even reach 20. It seems that the answer is to build new human bodies that are not as delicate and fragile as these. Reliance on Water and Food are going to have to be removed from the design. I want a new Human Design that is Rugged and Robust enough to Live quite comfortably in Deep Space, outside a ship, without a suit.

A body that can enjoy living on Jupiter, especially in that giant thunderstorm that you can see from space. A body that is so self-sustaining, that it could of rode on the Voyager Spacecraft back at the start of it’s launch, and would still be riding it now, happy as a clam and having no complaints about the view.

The problem is not how to change our environment.

The problem is how to Change Ourselves!

Adaptation is the most Human thing I can think of.


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