Something occurred to me this evening, and I’ve been trying to put together how I feel about it.

In 1999 I discovered something about my brain. When I was faced with a given subject, I would temporarily load all the information about that subject from my long term memory into my short term memory, like a computer loads data it needs to work into the RAM from the Hard Drive.

Sometime in these last few years, I came upon a similar revelation about the workings of my functional memory and long term subconscious memory.

The previous framework had been redesigned into a new version. The way to visualize it would be to imagine yourself being surrounded by a giant cylinder wall of ocean. This ocean contains everything in your subconscious. Everything your senses have taken in since birth, all recorded and ready to be served.

You are floating in the center, and when you want to think of something, remember a somehow difficult word or concept, you ask the ocean for the answer.

In looking for the information, you can feel the search patterns spread and fork and multiply in random patterns and directions in that ocean. You can feel the ocean swirling around you as the answer is sought out.

It doesn’t even feel like something under your conscious control. It just happens. Eventually the correct information leaves the ocean from a random unforseen location and finds you. It is then that you have an “Aha!” moment, and can go on your way.

It may seem similar to praying to God, only you are sending a request to a huge and higher ranking version of yourself. To top all of this off,

I came into contact with another mental force. Honestly, this thing reminded of me of Ultron from the second Avengers movie when he was born inside a computer without a body.

I’m calling it a “metaconciousness”. It’s different from the subconcious or concious mind. It’s not even a seperate personality. It is a living, aware subsystem of my conciousness that governs and facilitates the connection between the concious and subconcious minds. I named it “The Librarian”.


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