The Long Way ‘Round

Since I was a boy, I have had a desire, fueling me. I hadn’t the foggiest idea what I wanted, or how to get it, but I knew I wanted a gateway to open near me. A Portal, to “The Metaverse” as I named it. Why the Metaverse? Why that name? Because it was not the Universe, and the Universe was certainly NOT where I belonged. “Uni” meant One, and “Meta” meant “Beyond” or “Ever Changing”. A hole in physical reality, somehow opening up like the petals of a flower. Escape. But,…an Escape to what exactly?

Becoming an Adult, I realized that my dream was just a dream. A fictional world of my own creation.

But then, I started to become a fan of “Doctor Who”, and I was dazzled by the idea of “The Long Way ‘Round”.

Since I first came up with the idea of Escape into that Portal of Reality Petals, I have been obsessed with that fictional world I was to escape to.

It was a binding obsession. It claimed me. I became enslaved by a force I couldn’t touch or even get a proper conceptual bead on.

20+ years later, I came to an understanding, when I was moved by the story of The Doctor, and The Long Way ‘Round. Suddenly, I knew how to open that flower portal, and how to fufill the wishes of that young man back in the 1990’s.

I have to open the Portal from the other side. I have to create the place I want to escape to. I have to become an Author of an entire reality, and it can’t be mystical, or fictional.

I have to be an Artist, and a Craftsman, and a Skilled Engineer wielding the weapon of my Father.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

I’m an Inventor. I’m a Wizard. I’m an Artist. I’m a Madman. I’m a Philosopher. I’m a Dreamer. I’m a Worldbuilder. I’m an Author.

I have the blood of Engineers and Artists.

If I want to be that God of a place that does not exist, then I have to take The Long Way ‘Round. No powers. No Magic. No miracles.

Just me. A normal human with a pen, and a burning desire.

How do you become a God? The Hard way!

“Open the Gates. The Path is Made.” -Mathias Mindblade

“Oh, for Oaenaar’s Sake! The Metaverse STANDS!!!!!!” -Matthew Chapdelaine (All 16)



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