A rat brain can be grown in a petri dish in 1–2 weeks.

It has been found that such a brain can control robotic arms and other devices when linked properly.

But what if that rat brain was the core that interfaced with a Strong AI Operating System?

If the rat brain is able to make living, concious choices about the operation of the robotics it is linked to, why not use those choices to operate and connect to a higher mind as an extension of itself?

Perhaps each system, such as cognition and learning, short and long term memory, and even awareness in various different interplaying types, should have a rat brain as a core in of themselves. Then you have a brain built out of brains, in a way. Just playing with ideas, really.

Basically, a living rat brain upgraded to new form of life that is a fusion of Strong AI and living organic brain tissue.

I don’t think there is even a proper name for that form of life.

I also am starting to think of inventing a system to deal with the interplay between BioElectricity and Electricity in that machine body.

All of this is theoretical, of course.

This idea isn’t even close to complete.

I’ll need your ideas.


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