The Real Invalids

The Real Invalids

Dear Frank Bruni,

I read your article on Nancy Root a few minutes ago, and I have to agree that this “Vanish/Doom” Phenomena of the Elderly is something I have, shamefully, been part of. I have looked with silent scorn upon the Elderly in General since I was very young. I grew up around Nursing Homes, and I saw Nancy’s Abuse represented at every turn. People use “Baby Talk” with thier elderly parents, as if they were foriegners who barely spoke english, or even worse, were grammar school kiddies that were having trouble learning a first language.

When my father died of Brain Cancer…It took 2 whole years for him to die…and I watched him transform from a man’s man that might at one moment delight his grandaughters with kindness and then turn on a dime and bust a skyscraper in half with his index finger, into a shriveled gray skeleton that I didn’t recognize anymore, chained to a bed for months and not allowed to stand because of “Insurance Issues”.

My Father. The Mountain Man. Built out of Mountains.

His Cancer did not take his legs. That Hospice in Milford, MA did. I’m not going to avoid doxxing them. I’m doing that on purpose. I want that building to be a parking lot for what those animals did to my father. Put a Gym on it. Where people can use thier legs. Just to spite those vicious inhuman terrorists.

I walk around my small town of Madison, ME, and we have more than one Nursing Home here. But I cringe when I walk past them. Not because of the the Elderly, but for how they are treated. There are bars on the windows, and coded locks on the doors. This may be advertised to the families of these elderly people(yes, they are people) as protection and security from the outside. But the reality, as I see it, is more like a Prison Aesthetic, where we are being protected from them!

Apparently having grey hair is a federal crime, for which one loses all credibility and respect from the Adult World.

So, I have learned my lesson, quite harshly, that Good Women like Nancy are victimized in a National and Systemic way that resembles an Open POW Camp in the middle of suburban america, only to cheers of applause to how well they are all “taken care of”.

The Hypocrisy is obvious. The Evil,…is obvious.

Kill them with Kindness, and leave them to rot.

But it seems that half of people who notice either don’t care or don’t want to know.

Nancy, you are still a Strong, Smart, Independent, Fiery Woman of the World.

I agree with the philosophy of your friend.

They can all burn in Hell. They classified you as less than human with a caring smile.

The truth of the matter, though?

Things are not always what they seem.

They have it backwards.



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