I think I figured out something just now. The effect of the THC in Marijuana is said to make people high. High people are said to be foolish in that they think they are “blowing your mind” with perceived innovative ideas that are really garbled nonsense based on differences in perception. Coffee and Liquor are also Psychoactive Substances in this way, producing variations on the effect. None of these 3 items create genius or innovation on their own.

However, Genius itself is simply the ability to use what you have in uncommonly creative ways. A chef with only 3 ingredients and a pot over a fire can use genius to create an unexpected dish. A person with a single crayon can produce million dollar artwork, while another person using million dollar equipment can produce awful and worthless creations. With a Psychoactive Substance, you cause a change in your perception and cognitive function that can act to lower inhibition, anxiety, and stigmas while increasing flow(the sweet spot between boredom and stress also referred to as “the zone”.) Now consider time dilatation in the context of houseflies. The main reason they can evade you so easily and move so quickly is because their little brains perceive time differently, which makes you seem clumsy and slow to them no matter how fast you move. Time is heavily based in perception.

Back to my original point. THC changes perception and brain function, but is stereotypically seen as something to cause numbness and decreased mental ability. But you can’t really generalize completely about health, since everybody’s body works a bit differently. What will kill one person may cause added longevity in another.

Just like any simple tool, THC or a Psychoactive Substance such as Coffee can be used in various ways. Looking back at the stoner who thinks he’s Blowing you Mind. What does he have to work with in the construction of his innovative ideas that you hold in such disrespect? Probably not much else than his immediate experiences with a boring day and a few episodes of spongebob. However, if your tools include a collection of learned subjects of a high academic level, and you learn to balance your feelings and thoughts, you can generate Genius for a short time in yourself.

For me, when my thoughts become too advanced and abstract, I feel the same kind of stress as an engine that is out of oil and running hot. I break down and overheat. THC is the mental lubricant that lets me continue growing and functioning as I need to. It’s my oil.

Genius may at times be genetic or a freakish mutation, but it can be achieved naturally as well.

I have achieved this.


2 Replies to “Tools of Mental Lubrication”

  1. I hear great things about DMT and Ayahuasca, which essentially are one in the same if memory serves. They/it is said to reset the mind, remove the effects of previous trauma and reveal many things to oneself.

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